Collection: Inner Journey - Familiar Places

Katharine Holmes

Peter Hicks

Beverley Hicks

Phoebe Scott


Katharine's painting and drawing is an ongoing engagement with the northern British landscape, especially her native Malhamdale. Being of this landscape and continuing to live in it, her paintings and drawings explore how it feels to be outdoors in often familiar places.

Neither Peter or Beverley are making accurate topographical descriptive works; more so they are juxtaposing their ideas, and deeply felt concerns, allowing their paintings to reflect on a place without being beholden to its familiarities.

Retrospective meditations on place emerge as dominant themes in the recent works of Phoebe Scott. The recurrence of objects of familial significance builds a narrative memory, snapshots of a family history, captured in colour and paint.


Private View Friday 14 April 2023 6-8.30pm

Image: Peter Hicks, Fryup Dale 

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