Collection: Blair Hughes-Stanton

1902 - 1981

Blair Hughes-Stanton was a major figure in the English Wood Engraving revival in the Twentieth Century. He studied at the Royal Academy Schools and later worked closely with Leon Underwood. In 1927 he married fellow student Gertrude Hermes and in 1930 they were appointed to run the Gregynog Press in Wales. The appointment was ended due to the owners disapproval of the artists' lifestyles and Hughes-Stanton established the Gemini Press. In 1938 he won the International Prize for Engraving at the Venice Biennale.

His work is admired for its intricate detail and the fineness of its while lining which required the utmost skill in printing. Clare Leighton described it as ' craftsmanship' although its sometimes erotic content caused controversy at the time.